Diy Cup Holder Ideas Are Functional And Inspiring

Diy Cup Holder Ideas Are Functional And Inspiring

Coffee mugs serve a very basic purpose, but are of immense value at home. However, if you have lots of mugs, you also need the right place to store it. DIY cup holder ideas offer a cool appearance and are functional in the kitchen. Here are some excellent storage ideas to get inspired.

A simple under cabinet wooden stand is enough to serve as a coffee mug rack. This keeps the cups safe and the rack does not take unwanted space. Besides, it is safe under the cabinet.

If there is an old shelf, you can make it one of the best DIY cup holder ideas. You can make a custom solution using the old shelf. Place the old shelf and ensure there are many small shelves in different lengths and put your cups in place. It will serve as the perfect cup holder shelf. Moreover, as it is nailed to a wall, it also is a wall d├ęcor.

A pallet can also be crafted as a cup holder. Having a pallet with three or two pallets can be nailed to a wall. On the pallet fix few cloth hanging nails and put up your cups. This pallet cup holder looks strong and beautiful.

Put your long cloth hangers on to a wall and few hanging clips and hang your cups neatly. It looks organized and serves the desired purpose. This can be hung right near the table

An old cupboard or a wooden plank can be repainted and can be fixed with nails to hang cups. You can keep it on any corner so that it does not hinder other works.

One of the best diy cup holder ideas are the peg boards that can have nails here and there. These can be the ideal cup organizers.