Diy Curtains, Follow These Steps

Diy Curtains, Follow These Steps

Perfect curtains can be made by you and this can be done by yourself as diy curtains. Once you are sure, follow the steps:

Begin by choosing a curtain rod by taking appropriate measurements. Determine the curtains length and put the curtain rod.
Measure the curtain rod width and also the distance between the place and the rod such that the bottom of the curtain must be to your required length.

Calculate the required diy curtains fabric and multiply the rod by 1.5, 1.7 or 2, based on the gather you wish to have. For appropriate height, add 30 centimeters to the distance previously measured. This distance is required to be maintained is for the hems and also to avoid shrinkage from the wash.

Choose good fabric based on the patterns and width of the material. Normally, two paneled curtains featuring patterned fabric require additional fabric so that both panels’ patterns match. If required take the help of an employee of the fabric store in selecting the right fabric and length.

Wash the fabric, prior to cutting it as it may shrink a little.

Cut the fabric as per the measures, but ensure to cut the second panel initially so that the patterns are aligned.

Mark the fold of your fabric keeping the seams from the top to 15 centimeters and from the bottom as 10 centimeters and from both sides 01 centimeter. Fold 01 centimeter fabric inward on sides, top and bottom and on each side .5 centimeters.

Use sewing machine, select matching thread and sew the curtain keeping from the edge around .05 centimeters.

Use curtain clip-on rings and ensure to leave between each ring 15 centimeters.

Hang your diy curtains and feel the pride of making the curtains.