Diy Photo Booth, An Inexpensive Route

From baby showers to wedding receptions and birthday parties, now the rage is photo booths. you need not go for the expensive rental piece, instead create diy photo booth with a backdrop and props and have fun.

Materials required are:

Camera tripod, backdrop, digital camera point and shoot, backdrop stand, tape, lighting umbrella, spotlight, large clamps, nails and hammer and remote shutter release.

A basic digital camera point-and-shoot is perfect as a DIY photo booth. A tripod is required to extend to the eye level and the remote shutter release is required for the camera. A remote shutter release lets you enjoy and take your own photos. This can be operated wirelessly or with a cable attached to the camera.

A professional photo booth is effective only with good lighting. A photography umbrella, spotlight can be bought online or from any of the camera supply shops. This helps in offering a flattering glow to face and also in diffusing the light. Turn the flash or place beside the camera a floor lamp.

A printed fabric backdrop is a must. You can show your creative skills. Create a black foam board; stick gold jumbo sequins using a glue stick. Have a colorful backdrop with multi-hued fabric dyes on the foam board so that it offers a floral effect.

Promote fun with variety of props. Some furry scarf or silky gloves can become the best props. You can also ask your friends to look for some unique items in their closets to make exceptional props.

Above all, choose the right location to set your diy photo booth. Choose an area that offers unhindered flow of the event and is easily accessible. This photo booth is appropriate even for a large gathering. Choose hallways as they are mostly underutilized and an ideal photo booth spot is a wide hallway. Ensure enough battery life and memory space.

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