Present Urban Flair On Repurposed Piano Projects

Present Urban Flair On Repurposed Piano Projects

Repurposed piano projects transform into beautiful décor pieces. However, you have to consider several design notes focusing its style, functionality and creativity.

Repurposed piano projects include this book case that you can reinvent. This furniture piece requires lots of imagination and a great eye to work as DIY. The early pianos had enough space in the body that accommodating large books was enough. However, there is a need for reworking and coating with cherry wood veneer so that it lasts for a longer time.

Repurposed piano projects include a cabinet and full bar. Old piano cabinet doors when closed may appear as a piano, while inside you can give room and create shelves to store and the keyboard cover may be utilized to keep stir sticks and shot glasses.

Owing to climate uncertainties, such as floods and hurricanes, many furniture such as piano stands waste. But, now it can be repurposed even if it has lost some of its parts. It need not be thrown as waste. There is a room to show your creativity presenting urban flair to reposition the piano strings among planted flowers so that birds sit on them and these play silently creating décor music.

A piano damaged headboard or soundboard can be transformed into a beautiful piece. Repurposed piano projects include making the piano into a desk. This reworked and finished piece is ideal as a piano desk suitable to sit and scribble.

The old piano has lots of space inside. If the strings are cut, but the overhead board is perfect, give it to your children to store toys and their personal things. They will be more than happy to have a personal space and individual storing place where they can find all their precious things in one roof. Get creative and see how much you can transform.