Simple But Effective Diy Home Projects

Simple But Effective Diy Home Projects

Elevating the look of your home is always interesting, but one cannot disregard the price tag for interior painting or hiring a professional for the repairs of home improvement. Home repairs appear intimidating and complex to people who have no intention of initiating. Such people fear their own attempts even to fix a leaky faucet and if it causes more damage such diy home projects end discouraging you from attempting anymore diy.

Nevertheless, having a plan for home maintenance makes a huge difference. Performing proper home maintenance requires very less specialized training or know-how, nor much time or money. Here are few diy home projects that refer to maintenance.

Water leakage in your toilet tank will damage your bathroom floor and cost your utility bill, besides there may be premature wear of internal workings. Firstly check by applying red food coloring in the tank water and after 30 minutes see if the water turns pink. This confirms leak.
Begin by replacing the toilet flapper by turning off the water supply. Remove the tank lid, empty the tank, use a sponge and remove excess water, remove flush chain and slide the new flapper. Now reconnect the chain and the water supply is back.

Faucet washer gets worn out with regular use. This is also one of the ideal diy home projects. Replacing them is possible. First, turn off the water supply, unscrew the spout handle, remove the washer and put the new one and refix your leaky faucet.

Inspect your washing machine hose for leaks. Check it annually and once in every three years replace it. In case the metal ends appear rusty or discolored of the water supply line, replace instantly. Clean the lint screen regularly so that the life of the machine is increased. Also remove any residue of fabric softener by washing it once a week with dish detergent and warm water.