Take To New Innovativeness With Repurposed Light Bulbs

A creative mind can come with ingenious ideas. The aim is to see beyond typical use and to think outside your box to come with some designated idea or item. Repurposed light bulbs are one such idea that can alter the look of your house.

  • Take light bulbs, pull the contact out and crack the glass insulator. Carefully remove everything and clean the bulb inside. Using red wires make heart filaments and attach it to a wood piece and over the filaments fit the glass bulb. This can make fascinating repurposed light bulbs for Valentine’s Day.
  • Another simple and interesting idea is to remove the bulb insides and also the tip. Place silicone bumpers on the bulb side so that it is steady. Add sand inside and place tiny plants, it is sure to enhance the area with its attractiveness and usefulness.
  • Make an attractive version of having ship in repurposed light bulbs. It is simple; you have to remove the filament and wolfram. Give water imitation to the bulb using hot glue gun and then drop the ship slowly into the bulb.
  • Another exciting thing is to use light bulbs burned out as a tiny vase. You may remove the filaments and all the connection inside, hang it somewhere or attach silicone pads to the blub. Now place tiny flowers to make a beautiful bulb flower vase that shines with light.
  • Make a tiny planter putting soil inside the bulb after clearing all the insides of the bulb. Add seeds or place a plant. This can be put on display on a mantel or can be hung anywhere. It will make its place and will miss no one’s eyes.

Repurposed light bulbs make lovely decoration. It also does not take much of your time or additional material. Of course, a little creativity is required.

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